Jungle Love Festival Presents April 12 + 13


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Welcome to The Partici-party – a unique burner-style event that evolved from the success of "The Jungle Love Camp Out" in 2023. Designed to be mega-affordable and inclusive, this annual celebration is not a ‘normal’ festival; it's a participant-led community driven experience.

We will reunite for two nights, on April 12 & 13, 2024, at our picturesque site on the rolling hills of Jimna, QLD. Toilets, hot showers, drinking water, medics, and security are all provided.

Tickets can be purchased starting from $110.

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This ain't your typical 'festival'; it's our own burner-style event, inspired by Burning Man but with our own rebellious twist. It's not just an event; it's a celebration that thrives on creative expression, self-reliance, and community spirit, making it unlike any traditional festival.

Here, participation is more than encouraged – it's essential. All of the parties, theme camps, and performances are from what everyone attending collectively gifts. Whether it's DJ sets, toasted cheese sandwiches, or simply good vibes, your contribution will be what fuels the magic.

Beyond the extraordinary experience, this annual event will fuel Jungle Love's return.

Theme Camps

We have already confirmed a number of theme camps from our favourite collectives for our 2024 event. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect:


Jungle Love’s iconic improvised jam tent is making a triumphant return, featuring live sets in a cozy living room vibe.

Love Camp

Transforming into a main stage experience, Love Camp is your go-to for electronic music extravaganzas. Expect heaving parties every day and night, complete with immersive decor, comfy couches, and a powerful sound system with a laser show to elevate the experience.

Wonky Queenslander

Joining forces with Love Camp, the Wonky crew is set to bring unparalleled fun and shenanigans to Love Camp.


Delve into the art of Japanese rope bondage at Kinbaku, a theme camp that offers captivating performances and beginner-friendly workshops for everyone to enjoy.

Jungle Juice

This theme camp is a haven for party animals! Expect a lively mix of live music during the day and evening, complemented by DJ sets to keep the night alive and buzzing.

Freestyle Fridays

Calling all hip hop enthusiasts! Freestyle Fridays is your go-to camp for freestyle hip hop, featuring a plethora of fun games and, of course, their infamous compliment battle.

Ways to get involved

There are almost infinite ways for you to contribute or get involved at The Partici-party. If you have a particular passion, applications are now open to tailor your involvement precisely to your creative desires.

Theme Camps

Bring Your Vision to Life. Apply here to host a theme camp or curate your own space.

Live Music

Are you a musician or band? Share your talent with us and apply for a programmed artist slot. We will have a small number of programmed artists at The Partici-party. We understand the costs involved for bands to do this, and to ease the burden, invited bands receive free tickets and a small petrol allowance.

Even if you’re not selected, anyone is welcome to perform as long as you purchase a ticket and bring your own equipment!

Skills, Talent, and Resources Registry:

Have some talents, skills, resources, or just a willing set of hands but not sure where or how they could be utilised? Register them and we'll aim to connect you with other motivated peeps.

Join the Crew!

Volunteer and be an integral part of making The Partici-party a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Discord Server

Join our Discord server to mingle with fellow partici-partiers, brainstorm wild ideas, catch the latest updates, hear about upcoming working bees and meetups and be part of the community, before the event even begins!

New to Discord? Download the App, flick those notification switches on, and make sure your nickname mirrors your real-life name for easy recognition. (Use brackets if you are related to a theme camp or have a role). Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the server name, hit Edit Server Profile, and add your name under nickname.